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A Short A Day – Leap

Jump into another dimension in Leap. Directed by Dan Gaud.

A Short A Day – Sterilising Sol-3
Sterilising Sol-3

Earth is a battleground of mercenaries in Sterilising Sol-3.

A Short A Day – Souvenir

Watch one man’s last stand against an alien invader in Souvenir.

A Short A Day – Regen

A woman with regenerative powers is on a high-speed chase with a powerful foe in Regen.

A Short A Day – Phantom Theater
Phantom Theater

Mr. Fright just can’t let go of Halloween in Phantom Theater.

A Short A Day – Remnant

A man’s survival after the end of the world is depicted in harsh detail in Remnant. Directed by Thanos Kermitsis.

A Short A Day – Somnolence

An experiment to save the Earth from itself may end up destroying it in Somnolence. Directed by Patrick Kalyn.

A Short A Day – Mine

The Earth has become a deadly battleground for resources in Mine.

A Short A Day – Skin Deep
Skin Deep

Beauty comes with a price in Skin Deep.

A Short A Day – Workday

Sometimes knocking on a door can change your life, as evidenced in Workday.

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