Perils of Pothril

“This was more like what happens when Wizard’s Lair has an illicit affair with Final Fantasy and then the child goes into hiding with D&D…”

This page will be the central place to get the latest information on Perils of Pothril, my attempt at making an RPG in C with the curses library.

Perils of Pothril came about mainly on a dare from another programmer to see if I could do it.  Originally it was going to be a roguelike, but it has grown into something more since then.  It originally arose from my need to want to play Wizard’s Lair, which was an old game I played in DOS way back in 1989.  I wanted to see if I could do something similar to it rather than just make another roguelike.

Please, bear in mind that I am not a super C guru god and do not purport to be one.  I just like programming in it and have had to dig back into my college days and brush up on things.  Also know that this is a work-in-progress and will probably never reach “finished” status.

Also realize that I’m just 1 person working on this project.  Completely solo.  While it is somewhat liberating not having to synchronize subversion files with other programmers, feedback is welcome.  If you find it fun to play, let me know.  It makes me want to return back to the code and write more and improve it.

Perils of Pothril – Windows Executable

Perils of Pothril C Source Code

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