Get a fairly accurate estimate of your Blood Alcohol Concentration and see if you’re legal to drive in your state.  BAC Pal uses the Widmark Formula for calculations to estimate what that value is.

Note: This is not 100% accurate or should be construed as a true test of your blood alcohol concentration.  Don’t use this to figure out your BAC then go driving only to get pulled over and find out you’re over the limit in your state. Unlike others, at least I give you the source code freely 🙂

This was more of an exercise for me because I had an hour to kill and wanted to make something semi-useful. Enjoy it.

One more thing, before you go — I put all of the states and their associated legal limits in a text file named “bac.dat”. This makes it easier to change those values at a later date, should a state change its laws and lower or raise their limits.


Download Installer for Windows (4.5MB)

Download “No-Install” binaries in zip format (4.6MB)

Download Source Code in zip format (9KB)

Source code is in Python.  Comes with wxGlade project files for UI.



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