2014: A Year That Never Was?

Retrospective on what I did in 2014. A death, a film, writing, and a game.

My Writing Process Blog Tour

The #MyWritingProcess thing had been making the rounds and people all over the world were expounding on how they went about smithing their words. So, here’s mine. Thanks to Jodi Cleghorn for including me on this.

ART\Work is dead. Long live ART\Work!

The ART\Work Podcast is dead. Long live ART\Work!

And so on and so forth.

My life underwent a seismic change the last few months. Would you like to know more? Read on.

Write Vault and ART\Work

The last few months have been keeping me quite busy. There have been a few major developments so I thought…

An Experiment: The Sane Madman Podcast

In trying to keep up with everything, I thought I’d try out a podcast. If you’d like to hear more of these episodes, leave a comment.

PyCPU – A Python library for CPU information

Accessing the CPU and retrieving information about itself is a fairly low-level task that requires a little assembly-fu. Something that Python isn’t geared to do out of the box. But it’s possible to get that information with C and hand it over to Python.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Find out what I’ve been up to this entire summer of 2012.

A Short A Day – Leap

Jump into another dimension in Leap. Directed by Dan Gaud.

A Short A Day – Sterilising Sol-3
Sterilising Sol-3

Earth is a battleground of mercenaries in Sterilising Sol-3.

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