Concrete Yardage Software

Last Update: January 15th, 2010

Latest version: 1.2

Calculate common concrete yardages for various forms, including slabs, a block wall, and a column. Calculations are automatically done as you type and make changes, including the number of bags in common sizes you will need, if you decide to go that route instead.

This utility has been tested and will run on Windows XP (32- and 64-bit), Windows Vista (32- and 64-bit), and will also run on Linux and Mac OS X using the source code.

This software is absolutely free to download, use, and tinker with. If you do put it up somewhere else, a little credit is all I’m asking for. If you have some suggestions for improvements, let me know.

The source code zip file now includes the script and the NSIS script, which are used to make the installer.


Windows Installer – Just download and run.  Simple, easy, and painless.

Compiled program, no installer – Useful if you want to just dump it on your hard drive or onto a USB thumb drive for portability. Windows also.

Source Files – Includes wxGlade project files and For Windows, Linux, and OS X.


Calculating a slab

Calculating a slab

Calculating a block wall

Does block walls with ease

Concrete columns

Columns are no problem either

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