My name is Devin Watson.  I am a produced screenwriter, producer, author, and possibly filmmaker.

Filmmaking/writing is one of my first loves, followed by programming and games.  Here you will find what amounts to a daily mind dump of ideas and thoughts on those topics.

If you’re really curious, here are my IMDB pages:


I have two pages for the moment.  How that happened I’m not entirely sure.  But hey, how many people can say they have two of them?

I also help build and run several other websites:

I used to co-host a live weekly Internet radio blog about screenwriting called ScreenTalk, which seems to be on long-term hiatus as of late 2011.

Books I’ve Written

Horror Screenwriting: The Nature of Fear, published by Michael Wiese Productions
A Practical Handbook for Screenwriters, self-published

At one point I was interviewed for The Wall Street Journal about movie investing, since it’s one aspect of film production that I do like to talk about and pass information and wisdom on to other filmmakers and investors.

Other Writings

As of June 2011 I’ve been writing a monthly column for eMergent Publishing’s Write Anything blog. It’s a great resource for writers and I recommend it highly.
Short story TRANSMUTATOR is in 100 Stories for Queensland
Short story DIAVOL is in Literary Mix Tapes: Eighty-Nine
Short story OPEN AUDITION in From Stage Door Shadows
Some other short stories are coming soon. I’ll post them up here when they are near publication.

Where to find me