A Short A Day – Day 1000
Day 1000

Day 1000The depths of loneliness and desperation are explored in Alex Calleros’ Day 1000.


For 1000 days, 22-year-old David has been quarantined–alone–in an isolated cabin…until now.


This week I’ll be reviewing Finite Films. They’re a group founded by Alex Calleros that’s been making short films since last year using constraints submitted by people online.

Day 1000 is a sort of pre-biotic soup that would eventually become Finite Films. Indeed, both Dan Beckner and Adele Watkin would become regulars in front of and behind the camera in their lineup of high-quality shorts.

But this is where it all starts. Day 1000 tells the story of a man nearing the edge of insanity and suicide due to extreme isolation from civilization for four years. From broken radio reports, we learn that an outbreak of a virus or disease (I’m going to go with virus) has put David (Dan Becker) in a possibly self-imposed quarantine.

We get the idea early on as David pulls a gun out and alternates between putting it in his mouth and staring at it. He’s teetering near the end. His family is gone and he daydreams about them pulling up to the remote cabin. In his diary we see numbers scrawled in increasingly distorted writing; he’s finally reached a thousand days trapped in his house.

With food and hope gone, David’s sanity comes back, albeit tentatively, when a young girl shows up with food. Her presence will alter both of their lives permanently.

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Genre: Sci-Fi
Country: United States
Release Year: 2010
Runtime: 30 mins, 1 sec.
Written and Directed by: Alex Calleros
Cast: Dan Beckner, Adele Watkin

YouTube Channel: AlexCallerosDotCom
Website: AlexCalleros.com
Twitter: Alex_Calleros

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